Transfabric is a collective of makers, writers, researchers, technology’s most bitter critics and utmost committed fans. Together we make and remake matter – things, ideas, thought fabrications, material concerns, analytical concepts to make with, and organizational approaches to think with.

Transfabric is:
Silvia Lindtner researches and writes about DIY maker culture in China. She is currently based in Shenzhen exploring how Chinese manufacturing comes together with IoT start-up culture. David Li is the co-founder of China’s first hackerspace xinchejian in Shanghai. He hacks software, hardware and plants, can often be found at TEDx, Startup Weekends, maker and aquaponics events. Andrew Schrock is a Ph.D candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at USC. He researches mobile computing and communities/collectives, particularly locative media and hackerspaces. Yair Reshef is the cofounder of the hackerspace TAMI in Telaviv. Amongst other hacks, he is currently working with open manufacturers in Shenzhen on a hardware project. Denisa Kera is co-founder of GeekNomads and a member of Hackteria, a network of hackers, makers and academics supporting places with missing infrastructure in Indonesia and Nepal. She also teaches at the National University of Singapore and her research is on DIYbio as a design strategy. Anna Greenspan is teaching on Shanghai and Globalization at NYU Shanghai. She writes about technological trends, cultural traditions, diasporic populations, the global spread of linguistic and numerical cultures, urbanism and crosscultural debates in education.


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