Workshop 2011: Transfabric

Transfabric: Transnational DIY
a workshop on DIY maker innovation and creativity
Budapest, August 28 – September, 2011

Organizers: Silvia Lindtner, Briar Smith, Kate Coyer

This first of a series of workshops brought together DIY makers and thinkers from North America, China, Eastern Europe and Iran. We explored how DIY has moved beyond grassroots and countercultural practice into a professionalized activity through a growing number of hardware startups, crowdfunding like kickstarter, and the opening  of hackerspaces worldwide. Despite broader commitments such as the open source sharing of software and hardware code that many in the DIY maker scene share, there are unique local manifestations across the different cultural regions.

This workshop constituted an early effort in exploring local manifestations of the global DIY maker movement as well as new forms of creativity and innovation that emerge in hackerspaces and out of DIY making. The 4 day long workshop included discussions and reflections on DIY practice as well as  hands-on maker sessions. Here are some of the outcomes:

This workshop was supported by:

Fablab Budapest

Center for Global Communications, Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania

Google OpenSource Office and Google China Developer Relations

Kitchen Budapest

related blog posts written by workshop participants:



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